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New Users

We recommend you peruse this site and become more familiar with the content. Additionally, you may visit this site specifically, where we have compiled information pertinent into an introduction for you.

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

Sample Preparation

Proven Methods:

Side Notes:

Wet Lab Rules



[From the wall out]



Mascot Restart

 user@jp1:~$ ls /etc/init.d/mascot
user@jp1:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mascot status
[sudo] password for user:
user@jp1:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mascot restart
 * Mascot monitor is not running
 * Mascot monitor started

You may also try this.

If the mascot daemon is not running:

[You need to have sudo priviledges on jp1]

In the command line enter;

sudo /mascot/bin/ms-monitor.exe

From home, this could be done, after vpn-ing into the chemistry network with a single ssh command:

ssh -t <USERNAME> 'sudo /mascot/bin/ms-monitor.exe'


You may access the scheduling site here:

Orbitrap Scheduling